13 May, 2020

Blender Add-on: The Shader Library [Version 1.04] - Leather Shader

In this Video, we take a look at the new update for the Shader Library Version 1.04.

Download version 1.04 here.

In this update, I have implemented a suggestion that was to display the shaders color in the Viewport. This has no bearing on the Render but I think it a great suggestion since we can now easily see which object is using which shader. 

We also now have a Material Section. My aim is to fill this section with useful materials much like the new Addition, the Leather Shader. 

The Leather Shader is a procedural generated Material. So you don't need to download any images or worry about setting up the shader. Simply select the Color you want your Leather Material to be and the Shader Library will the work for you. 

You can tweak the Material and make any changes you want to really get varied (and better) results. 

If you have any suggestions on things you want to see implemented in the Shader Library, feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

I hope you find this update helpful. Stay safe, and thanks for reading!.

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