VFX Nodes Addon

I created the Darkfall VFX Nodes Add-on, in hopes that it would help speed up our workflow for certain tasks. 

With this Add-on you can create a variety of different effects and many of which can be modified. 

I should note that I am very new to Python and Scripting in general!. It's only been a short time since I started learning py. 

I should also thank 'Brockmann' and Jeff Blakeney for taking the time to point me towards relevant information. I spent hours trying to figure something out and with help, I was able to further progress the Add-on.

To download the Add-on (version 1.1), click here

You can watch a video on how to use each of the effects here.

Once you have downloaded the Add-on and installed it, you can access the Darkfall VFX Nodes from the Compositing Window. 

Once you have chosen an effect to use, click the button and add the required node group to the compositor. 

You can also click the "Additional" nodes button to add the accompanying nodes that are required to complete the effect.

Remember to play around with the settings of each node to get more interesting results and variations. 

I will be adding new effects, changing and updating this add-on as and when I can. If you guys have any suggestions for improvements or requests for new effects, then let us know!. 

Many things can and will be improved as I develop further versions of this Add-on and I hope you guys find it useful!. 

The Eye Color change requires a couple of Masks for this effect to work. Since the eyes are moving we also need to track the footage. 

We can choose any color we want and we also have the option to brighten the whole eye. 

(Eye Color Change Result) 

The Sci fi Eyes Effect, will need an Image Texture for this to work. 

You can download the one we used here, or you can use your own. As long as it has Alpha Transparency then you should be good to go!. 

As we did in the effect above, we will need to track the eyes and 
create an Eyelid Mask.

(Scifi Eye Result)

The Patch Node is one I use quite a lot, and if you have watched a recent Tutorial, "Rapids VFX" you may already know how to use this!. 

We can add or "Patch" a movie clip over the top of another with this Node and has been used in many previous tutorials. 

(Original Video)

("Patched" Rapids Result)

The Clone Node is another useful tool. We can define an area to be replaced with another section of our video, essentially cloning that area. 

We only need one Mask for this effect to work. 

(Original Video)

(Clone Node Result)

The Glitch Node will need a Black and White Image to distort your Movie Clip. If you want to use the Image we created you can download it here, or you can use your own. Using different Images will give you interesting results. 

You also need to Animate the Glitch Movement with the help of the Graph Editor. 

(Glitch Effect Result)

The Sketch Effect will take your video and apply a kind of "Sketched" effect. You can add a paper texture for more detail. 

We have included a Paper Color preset Node that contains four different paper colors, or you can use the color wheel to select your own. 

If your paper Image has color you can use that instead for a better result. 

(Sketch Effect Result)

The Posterize Effect will take your video and apply a "Posterizing" effect. There are so many different variations you can get with playing around with the Values and the Blend Mode. 

I have included a preset of three variations for you to select. You can modify each of them to get something that suits your needs. 

(Posterize Option 1 Result)

(Posterize Option 2 Result)

(Posterize Option 3 Result)


  1. Good work. I can see a lot of potential for the practical use. Keep up the good work.

  2. @Megawilsound, Thanks for saying so!..

  3. Bon travail et merci pour ton aide.

    1. pas de problème merci pour le commentaire

  4. Thank you John, I can not wait to test your addon!

    1. Hey Caza, I think you will like version 1.01 much better ;) I will be continually updating this Add-on and I hope you guys find it much improved..

  5. Amazing! I will definitely try it!

    1. Hey Lucio, hope you find it useful!.. There will be a new update released each week on Monday, so be sure to check back on Monday for the updated version..