09 July, 2019

Zombie Suzanne [3D Printing]

In this video, we will be doing another "Suzanne Print" where we take the Blender Mascot Suzanne and turn her into something else. 

Today, we turn Suzanne into a Zombie

As we did last time, we will start with a Basic Mesh. (Which you can download here)

This is simply an edited version of the original Suzanne Model (The difference being; One has the Eyes connected and the other does not)

You can use the original Suzanne Mesh (but, be sure to connect the eyes to the Head mesh).

I then removed and Eye, Changed the smile to something more fitting and then added an "Exposed Brain". 

In the process of creating the brain, I used a free image from Textures.com and you can find it here

Then I exported the model and sent it off to the printer. I used the "Dora" by Easythreed (you can check out the review we did here)

After a couple of hours the print was ready to prime and paint. 

I admit, the paint job sucks and I really need to get better but I'm sure you guys could do a better job. 

If you want to download this Zombie Model as an STL file, you can download it here

As my collection grows I wonder what will come next?. 

If you guys have any suggestions be sure to let us know in the comments below!.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always, 

Thanks for reading.. 

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